Ensure A Wildly Successful Safari Using This Self Drive Ebook

Guide Your Own Safari eBook (326 pages)

Loaded onto your mobile phone, this guide becomes your virtual assistant in Africa.

It's equivalent to having a human safari guide along with you, showing you everything you need to know and do before and during your self drive safari. All destinations accessible by a normal sedan vehicle, no 4x4 needed.

Here's some of what the 'Before' section of the guide contains...

Guide Your Own Safari eBook

Safari Clothing Advice

Avoid these nine common safari clothes mistakes and get detailed recommendations to pick the best safari hat, shoes and luggage.

Choosing Safari Binoculars

Find the perfect pair of binoculars for your trip by making sure it has these six essential characteristics. Specific brand recommendation also help you to choose.

Tickable Packing List

Make sure you don't leave anything important at home or take too much (flight weight restrictions) by ticking off the items as they go into your suitcase.

68 items in total divided into categories like clothing, equipment, toiletries, first aid and documents.

Better Safari Photography

Tips and techniques learnt over more than 45 years to help you take the finest pictures you possibly can on your self drive.

Guidance about the best safari lenses, cameras, window rests and picture storage.

Advice about power and battery requirements, camera gear and flying, dealing with dust, equipment rental and insurance.

Safari Car Rental

Learn how not to overspend on your rental vehicle, what optional extras make sense and the top rental companies.

All the destinations covered in this guide can be reached using a normal sedan, no 4x4 vehicle needed.

Getting To And Around In Africa

The airports and airlines you can use for air travel in Southern African countries.

Effective & Cheap Communication On Safari

Getting in touch with home and accessing the web in African safari areas can be unreliable and expensive. Find out how to combat this problem.

Top Self Drive Destinations In Southern Africa

Eight safari areas to visit with a detailed description of the animals you can see there, best time to travel, costs and how to book.

Safari Activities

Seven things to do on your self guided safari that will enhance your trip greatly. Some need to be booked in advance.

Africa Travel Insurance

Getting this wrong can lead to very expensive repercussions if things do go wrong on your trip. Four key facts to know before you go.

Visa Requirements

Find out what kind of visa you need based on your country of residence. Requirements can change without notice and are updated reasonably frequently.


Prevention is the watchword when it comes to health on safari so find out which medicines and inoculations are necessary.

'During' Section Of The eBook

The experience of over forty five years and hundreds of self drive safari trips encapsulated in this ebook, to help you make the most of your journey to Africa, as it happens. Here's some of what this section of the guide contains...

During Home Screen

Self Drive Safari Advice

Tips to improve your wildlife watching specific to each of the eight parks and reserves namely Kruger National Park, Kgalagadi, Pilanesberg, Hluhluwe-Imfolozi, Addo Elephant, Mountain Zebra, Mkhuze and Etosha National Park.

Information on how to get there, arrival at the gate and driving around. Detailed guidance about lingering locations you will come across such as picnic spots, hides, waterholes, pans and dams, lookout points, walking trails, cultural and historic sites.

Meals, Communications & Facilities

Run down of the restaurants, cafeterias and shops available for meals and refreshments with an example menu of what you can expect for sit down meals.

Particulars about the communication options available and tabulated facilities shown for all accommodation options in every park and reserve.

Lion icon Top 3 Wildlife Sightings Routes

Increase your chances of finding wildlife in the Kruger Park by using these tried and tested roads. Three routes in each section of the Kruger, so twelve in total.

Based on over forty five years of experience and thousands of sightings reports on social media and wildlife sightings apps.

Species Identification

Photographs of commonly occurring mammals, birds and reptiles to help you put a name to what you've spotted on your game drive.

Tickable Shopping List & Self Catering Menus

List of important consumable items to buy once you're in Africa if you plan to self cater, which is much cheaper than eating out at restaurants daily.

Includes six day planning menus and recipes to make things easier.

Essential Tips To See More Wildlife

Nine things you can do to radically increase your chances of seeing more animals on game drives. Tried and tested after many years of experience.

Better Safari Photography

How To Take Better Safari Photographs

Tips and techniques learnt over 45 plus years to help you take the finest pictures you possibly can on your self drive.

'How To Photograph' section that allows you to predict wildlife behavior and get better photographs as a result. Covers species that you're likely to see like the big cats, hyena, wild dog, elephant, buffalo and more.

A 'Golden Hour' calender section which tells you exactly when the best light for photography is at sunrise and sunset, according to the day and month of the year.

The ten essential wildlife photography tips to keep in mind during your self drive which will radically improve your pictures.

Guidance about the best safari lenses, cameras, window rests and picture storage. Advice about power and battery requirements, dealing with dust, equipment rental and insurance.

8 Self Drive Maps For The Price Of One

Comprehensive South African and Namibian national park/game reserve digital maps covering the Kruger National Park, Kgalagadi, Pilanesberg, Hluhluwe-Imfolozi, Addo Elephant, Mountain Zebra, Mkhuze and Etosha National Park.

Detailed Hi Resolution Map Features

Zoom in to see all publicly accessible tar and gravel roads indicated with their exact distances. Location of all rest camps, bushveld camps, camp sites and lodges.

Gates, hides, picnic spots, viewpoints, get out points, pans, waterholes, dams, toilets and walking trails all shown.

Digital Safari Maps

Upcoming Maps Added For Free

Buy once and never worry about purchasing an African national park or game reserve map book ever again. Get future self drive maps and current map updates at no charge.

Phone Alarm Calls

Listen To Predator Indicator Alarm Calls

Identify the sound as it happens in the field by playing the example alarm call on your phone and then read what the call means.

May help you to see more lion, leopard, cheetah, hyena or wild dog which you would otherwise have missed.

Alarm calls of five indicator animals can be played, including the gold standard predator indicator.

If you hear this particular call chances are almost 100% that there is a predator in the vicinity.

Species Identification Tick List

A comprehensive list of all the mammals, birds, reptiles and amphibians that can be found in each of the eight game reserves/national parks.

Record exactly what you see by adding a tick to the relevant checkbox, which is auto saved as you type.

Click through to identification photographs of all the commonly occurring species, to help you put a name to what you've spotted on your game drive.

Species Ticklist
Journal Diary Notebook

Keep A Journal Diary Of Your Trip

An African safari really is one of the most remarkable trips you will ever go on, and though the memory of it will last you a lifetime, the full extent of the experience will begin to blur a little over time.

Use the Notebook in the guide which allows you to record all the important events and experiences that happen before or during your trip.

There is no limit to how much you can write, and once you click on the save button your notes will be available to you again.

You can add notes to a specific word or sentence, or to a page. It's also possible to bookmark a page and to highlight a word or sentence in the text that you might want to refer back to later.

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Because you are going to be using this guide in the field on your trip, it's been designed to be used on mobiles running the Android or iOS operating systems.

Simply log onto your e-mail with the mobile you want to read and use the interactive eBook on, find the e-mail that says "You bought Guide Your Own Safari!", and click on the "view content" button. Then click the "download" button on the page that appears.

How To Install On Android Devices

Once the eBook is downloaded, open it and then click on 'Install'.

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The Guide Your Own Safari icon guide your own safari icon will be added to your home screen and you can launch it from there in future. You can now click on 'Done' or 'Open'.

When you load the eBook for the first time, a screen will appear that says 'Allow Guide Your Own Safari to access photos and media on your device'. Click on 'Allow' to be able to view all the photographs and maps in the eBook.

The eBook is 65 MB in size to accommodate the hi-resolution maps and species photographs.

How To Install On iOS Devices

To be able to read the eBook, you will need an eBook reader on your iOS device. If you don't have one yet, you can download one for free from the Apple app store here...

So after you have downloaded the eBook itself, launch the reader and open the eBook from your downloads folder.

The eBook is 65 MB in size to accommodate the hi-resolution maps and species photographs.

Is There A Money Back Guarantee

Yes there is. I'm confident that this eBook will meet your expectations, but if for any reason the "Guide Your Own Safari" eBook doesn't live up to your standards, I will refund your money within four weeks of the date of your purchase.

Simply e-mail me the reason why it fell short in your estimation (which helps me improve the guide) and I will issue a 100% refund to you.