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11 Self Drive Maps For The Price Of One

Comprehensive South African, Namibian and Swaziland game reserve digital maps covering the Kruger National Park, Kgalagadi, Pilanesberg, Hluhluwe-Imfolozi, Addo Elephant, Mountain Zebra, Ithala, Mkhuze, Etosha National Park, Mlilwane and Malolotja.

Upcoming Maps Added For Free

Buy once and never worry about purchasing a national park or game reserve map book ever again.

Get future self drive maps and current map updates at no charge.

Detailed Hi Resolution Map Features

Zoom in to see all publicly accessible tar and gravel roads indicated with their exact distances. Location of all rest camps, bushveld camps, campsites and lodges.

Gates, hides, picnic spots, viewpoints, get out points, pans, waterholes, dams, toilets and walking trails all shown.

Accommodation Facilities

Quickly see what's available at each camp such as swimming pool, shop, restaurant, fuel station, cafeteria, ATM and camping facilities.

Lives On Your Cellphone

Digital maps mean you can leave the printed books at home and free up some space in your car.

Can be used offline so no web connection needed while driving around. This interactive eBook is 18.4 MB in size.

Cellphone Signal And Wifi Mapped

Signal strength (none, 2G, 3G or LTE) listed at every accommodation facility and also the wifi availability in case you ever need to access the web on your holiday.

Gate Times And Distance Charts

Details all gate opening and closing times for every month of the year at a glance.

Plan your journey accurately with the distance charts to find the shortest route between rest camps and gates.

Lion icon Top 3 Wildlife Sightings Routes

Increase your chances of finding wildlife in the Kruger Park by using these tried and tested roads. Three routes in each section of the Kruger, so twelve in total.

Based on over thirty five years of experience and thousands of sightings reports on social media and wildlife sightings apps.

Keep A Journal Diary Of Your Trip

Four full weeks of diary space which will allow you to record daily all the import events and experiences that happen on your trip. No limit as to how much you can write and your phone will autosave as you type.

Wildlife Tick List

Record exactly what you see and keep it as a reminder of your trip. Easy to use by clicking on the checkbox, but you can also add the actual number of a species seen.

Children love using the ticklist so get them involved and it may surprise you as to how much you actually see every day when keeping count.

The tick list is autosaved on your phone as you type and although the species list is comprehensive there is space to add more if you are fortunate enough to see something that doesn't appear.

Wildlife Ticklist
Alarm Calls

Listen To Predator Indicator Alarm Calls

Identify the sound as it happens in the field by playing the example alarm call on your phone and then read what the call means.

May help you to see more lion, leopard, cheetah, hyena or wild dog which you would otherwise have missed.

Alarm calls of five indicator animals can be played, including the gold standard predator indicator.

If you hear this particular call chances are almost 100% that there is a predator in the vicinity.

Self Drive Advice

Tips to improve your wildlife watching specific to each of the eleven reserves covered. Information on how to get there, arrival at the gate and driving around.

Detailed guidance about lingering locations you will come across such as picnic spots, hides, waterholes, pans and dams, lookout points, walking trails, cultural and historic sites.

Meals, Communications & Facilities

Rundown of the restaurants, cafeterias and shops available for meals and refreshments with an example menu of what you can expect for sit down meals.

Particulars about the communication options available and tabulated facilities shown for all accommodation options in every park and reserve.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Happens After I Buy?

You will be able to download the interactive eBook immediately after purchase using the link that's made available by e-mail, so make sure to triple check that the e-mail address you provide is correct.

You can download it onto any of your devices like a pc, tablet and mobile phone.

Simply log onto your e-mail with the device you want to read the interactive eBook on, find the e-mail that says "You bought Guide Your Own Safari!", and click on the "view content" button. Then click the "download" button on the page that appears.

How Do I Read The Self Drive Maps eBook On My Phone?

Any mobile PDF reader will do the trick but if you want to take advantage of the interactive elements like the wildlife ticklist and the journal diary then its better to have the latest mobile PDF reader from Adobe on your device.

It's available for free at the Adobe Acrobat website. The links are there to download it from Google Play or the Apple App Store, whichever is relevant to your device.

How To Find The Ebook After Downloading It On My Mobile?

Go to your app drawer on the home screen and find the app called "Adobe Acrobat". Click to open and you will see a heading that says "On This Device". Scroll down until you see the "Download" heading and the relevant "Guide Your Own Safari" file should appear there. If not you may have to do a screen refresh.

You can also search for files by clicking on the magnifying glass and typing the name of the file you're looking for.

Is There A Money Back Guarantee?

Yes there is. I'm confident that this eBook will meet your expectations but if for any reason the "Guide Your Own Safari" interactive eBook doesn't live up to your standards I will refund your money within four weeks of your date of purchase.

Simply e-mail me the reason why it fell short in your estimation (which helps me improve the guide) and I will issue a 100% refund to you.

What's The Next Map To Be Added?

That's really up to you. If you purchase the "Guide Your Own Safari" interactive eBook you have a say in which map gets published next.

Just send me an email with your favourite and I'll add it to the wishlist. The map that has been asked for the most will be published next.